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Joey Fulton

District Youth President

Joey lives in Marengo with her husband, Jason and their 3 boys, Carson, Jackson & Landon. They moved back to Southern IN in 2013, where Joey was raised after being stationed in Germany and Tennessee for the military.  Joey has been apart of camp for most of her life.  As a child she was brought to camp by her parents and has been an active part of camp since moving back. In 2020 Joey was elected as our District Youth President by the DBA. 

- Please feel free to reach out with any questions.-

Phone: 931.249.8435



Matthew Wright

Head Counselor

Matthew Wright_edited.jpg

Mathew was called into the ministry when he was in high school. He attended Indiana Wesleyan University to pursue a degree in ministry. Mathew graduated from IWU in 2011. He was then ordained in 2016. Mathew now serves as the senior pastor at Sullivan Wesleyan and has been in that position since 2017. He has been serving at camp since 2008 and has been the head counselor since 2017.  


Alana Hemp


Leadership Expectations:

rEVOLution’23 is for students who have completed 6th grade through those who have just graduated high school in 2023. We are always looking for quality adult leaders to help make the camp happen! Please review the list of expectations below with anyone from your church who would like to be involved as a camp leader. We need both security and cabin leader volunteers. The cabin leaders have a direct spiritual mentorship and supervision role over the youth throughout the camp as well as being expected to encourage students to get involved in all activities. Security volunteers monitor all those who come and go from the campground (making sure they are supposed to be coming or going) and help enforce curfew at night. Cabin leaders need to be able to volunteer for all of camp, but those wanting to volunteer for security are welcome to do so for smaller segments of time. Please note that the expectations detailed below are mandatory. We want to ensure a positive experience for all campers to provide the best opportunity for them to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. We believe this kind of experience is largely made possible by our leadership team.


Therefore, expectations for rEVOLution leaders are as follows:


    -Growing in a relationship with Jesus and pursuing holiness in all areas of life.


    -Recommended by local church pastor/youth pastor.


    -Known by and serving in some way to the local church.


    -Current reputation of Christlikeness in the local church/community. (This does not mean that a person can’t have a marred past; it simply means that he/she must have already established a new trajectory in life before serving at camp.)


    -Submit to a criminal history background check and answer any necessary follow-up questions. (Please note that the District Youth President and District Youth Executive Cabinet will make final decisions regarding eligibility for leadership as it relates to criminal history. No one with a history of sexual misconduct toward minors will be allowed on the team.)


   -Willing to serve and work hard as a leader, understanding that this is a different experience from attending camp as a student.


   -Complete a Leadership Application form and Submit it to Pastor Matthew Wright by May 31, 2023. This also provides the necessary information for a       criminal history background check. (Return address is on the application.)



Thanks for valuing the experience your young people will have at rEVOLution by helping us insure that all leaders meet these expectations.


                                                                                                             In His Love,

                                                                                                             Pastor Joey Fulton

                                                                                                             IN South Wesleyan District Youth President

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If you've graduated high school and have a heart to serve and pour into the next generation, we want to hear from you! Contact us about getting involved.


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